Krista Bugden

Freelance Writer
Hey all! I'm a health and fitness copywriter. I love traveling, adventure, health and fitness, and the great outdoors!

What software do you use to manage your business/freelance finances?

I've been using the Profit First method (such a good book) and then incorporating that into my budgets on Pocketsmith. But curious to hear what other people use :) (if anything!)

Do you have an average amount of time you spend in each place? How do you determine this?

Just wondering how much others jump around places (I know this is a little harder right now with COVID).Β 

Pre-COVID, I was doing about 3-5 weeks in each place I travelled to. I loved this because I felt I still got a feel for the place and got to know it, while also doing all the tourist-y things on my list (and keeping up with work!). At the same time, it was so refreshing to go to a new place every month or so and just have that new inspiration hit. How do you guys do it? Do you plan far in advance? Do you go off of how you feel?Β 
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How did you start your nomad life?

I thought this would be an interesting way for some of us to get to know each other digitally! And I'm actually super curious about everyone else's back story! Connecting with others and hearing other people's stories one of my favourite parts of travelling, but currently, I'm still up here in CanadaΒ  (home for me) and waiting to get our vaccines (soon hopefully!) before heading out again, so I thought this would be fun :D

This is a bit of my story:

I started writing online back in 2017. I wasn't super happy in my current job at a rehab exercise clinic. Long story short, I ended up taking off on a road trip through Canada and the States for three months (I actually tried to quit my job but with some discussion, my boss negotiated for me to take a leave of absence instead). Did 22 states (so many great national and state parks!) and parked in a lot of truck stops and free BLM camping sites... did it as cheaply as possible hahaΒ 

In those three months, I ended up running low on money (probably could've seen that coming) and so I started applying and getting writing gigs online. This basically opened a whole other world where working online and travelling were an even bigger possibility.Β 

I went home, worked at the clinic full-time for 6 months (with writing as a side gig), then ended up reducing my hours over the following 6 months, eventually breaking off and taking on my freelance career full-time. Now, I'm attempting to start my own content agency (stay tuned!) and I love the flexibility of this lifestyle. I don't think I could ever go back!

So, what's your story? How'd you end up working online? :D
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How do you eat healthy while travelling?

Just wondering what others do here since I know depending on where you are, consistency with diet is a little tough (But also it's super fun because new foods!!). I tend to shop a lot at fruit and veggie markets abroad (also if street food is the thing, I'm there) and buy the basics like eggs and milk for breaky no matter where I am. Then, depending on the cost of eating out, I tend to do that a lot for lunch and dinner (I'm such a foodie and I just love trying new places when I'm out there!). So, what is your go-to? How do you find your balance when eating and travelling?
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What do you use for cellphone/data abroad?

Curious what others do for this! I've been using my Canadian phone plan when I travel - which isn't too bad money-wise (and it allows me to keep my number which is ideal for personal and business use). I know a lot of nomads tend to get SIM cards when they arrive in a new place. So, what is your go-to for cellphone coverage when travelling?Β 
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What are your top recommendations in Bali?

In a post-COVID world, Bali is one of the places at the top of my list (I've joked many times that I wish I had flown there before places started closing/requiring quarantines). And my boyfriend and I were planning on making Bali our winter spot from 2020-2021. That clearly didn't work out... But looking forward and planning ahead!

So I'm wondering: what are the top spots and things to do that you recommend?Β 
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Fellow Writers! What are you top places/channels for getting new clients?

I've used Upwork and LinkedIn and I'm definitely not short on clients at the moment but my goal is to eventually create a content agency based on my niche (currently I have two writers as part of my little team!).Β 

I was wondering where other writers hunt for new clients or gain new clients? Have any of you had any luck with any marketing funnels/ads/etc? Just trying to gain ideas on what direction(s) to take in the next few years here! Also, love connecting with other writers!
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What is the COVID situation like where you are?

I'm currently back home in Canada during COVID but I'm itching to get out! Wondering what the situation is like where others are currently? Looking at options for travel and post-COVID life.
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Hello everyone!

My name is Krista and I'm so thrilled to connect with all of you! I am a writer from Canada (currently hanging out here for a bit until we get the COVID vaccine - hopefully soon! I'm itching to get back out). I've been writing in the fitness and health space for 3+ years and have been a digital nomad for 2 of those years. Can't wait to get involved in conversations on here!
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