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Shun Yamada

Shun Yamada
CEO & Co-founder at Remotehour

I'm Shun Yamada

Hey. what's up, guys!

I'm Shun Yamada, CEO & Co-founder at Remotehour. It's a more spontaneous, open-door solution for your business. Your clients/customers can, with one click,Β 
connect to you🀩

I've worked remotely for more than 5 years. Luckily, I've been selected by Diversity Visa Program in 2018 and moved to the States the following year. Before COVID-19, I temporally stay in Los Angels, San Diego, and New York. I miss these cities!! One of my favorite hobbies is "Sampo", which is Japanese culture that allows you to disconnect from the work by walking around🚢

Anyplace allows me to unleash the limitation of the location problem. I found the place where I live now in Anyplace. And, I'm planning to stay around the States with Anyplace this year. Can't waitπŸ”₯
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San Francisco, CA

I'm temporarily living in San FranciscoπŸŒ‰
Love nomadic life :)
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