Kaylee Good

Writer, Visual and performing artist, PhD candidate,
Kaylee Spivey Good is a travel writer currently working on her Ph.D. at Vrije Universiteit Amsterdam. She is also a performing and visual artist.

Dog Friendly Airlines

Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone was aware of an online list of pet friendly airlines? I travel with my small dog, a Yorkie, and want to keep him in the Cabin. In the past I've flown him in KLM airlines, but I'm wondering if there is another airline that would allow him as well. Thanks for any info!

New night trains are coming!

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Flower Fields of The Netherlands

Saturday, I took another biking trip through the flower fields in Holland! It's amazing to see the difference between the flowers in March and the flowers in April. The flowers are currently at peak blooming levels! Here are some photos I took in the fields!
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Waterfall hikes near Denver CO USA?

Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone is based near Denver Colorado in the USA? I am visiting a family member who just moved to the area at the beginning of May and I really enjoy hiking to waterfalls. I see a lot of trails for lakes and mountain views. I was wondering if anyone has any hiking tails to waterfalls that they can recommend? I am open to any level of hiking, strenuous or easy.Β 
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What do you, as a digital nomad, look for when you are choosing accommodation?

Hi everyone! I was wondering if anyone has any experience investing in property in the EU while being a non-EU citizen. I am looking into countries within the EU that have cheap housing to purchase a small room 20,000 euros or under to use a property to rent to digital nomads specifically. I am currently considering Athens Greece as there is a lot of affordable property here but am open to other suggestions. I was curious what digital nomads look for specifically when finding accommodation and what is attractive to them. Any help or opinions would be great!
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Vaccine Passports and Travel

I know everyone has to get tested before flying or traveling from most places. There's also been some talk about forgoing the testing if you are vaccinated by showing a vaccine ID or passport. I heard that Israel, Estonia, and Iceland were already doing this, at least according to this Wired article:Β 
However, are they the only ones currently doing this? I've been trying to find a list that has all the countries doing a vaccine passport but have not found anything. Is that because it isn't widespread enough yet to warrant a list?Β 
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Azores Islands

Hello everyone! I was wondering if anyone here happens to be located in the Azores? I'm considering a trip there in a few months and wanted to see how accessable it is with wifi and work spaces.Β 

Flower Blooming Schedule in The Netherlands

As many know, The Netherlands is famous for its tulips and hosts a large tulip parade and many flower festivals to celebrate the upcoming season and opening of the internationally famous Keukenhof Gardens. Unfortunately, Covid 19 has caused the parade and gardens to be closed in 2021, however, the tulip fields will still be blooming. This is great for a day out on the bike and I HIGHLY recommend it. Anyway, I found the link to the tulip schedule which predicts which colors of tulips are blooming during the flower season. It also maps out the tulip field locations and bike routes and provides everything you need to plan an awesome trip!Β 
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Amsterdam, The Netherlands!!!

Hello everyone! I'm Kaylee Spivey good and I am a digital nomad currently working from Amsterdam in The Netherlands. The weather is getting warmer, and I see that flowers are blooming so I anticipate some great biking and kayaking trips in the near future! If anyone else is in the area and wants to meet up, comment below!
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