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Hi! I'm Thom, a British-born freelance writer and world traveller since 2017. Founder of Thom Brown Travel, I'm promoting better travel that is more ethical, sustainable, and meaningful. Currently in Tallinn, Estonia. Next stop: Croatia.

My friend tested positive before a flight!

I'm in Croatia and I had a group of friends flying over from Estonia. Among them is a couple who live together. The guy tested positive but the girl tested negative. So she's allowed to come (and is planning to) while the guy will isolate for 10 days, get another test, and then hopefully come. The rest of the group will isolate on arrival because they were in close contact with the positive case.

I'm not sure if this is a sign of the system working or of the tests being unreliable. It's amazing to me that one half of a couple is positive while the other isn't -Β  unless she had it before and is immune somehow?

Anyway, I'd hate to be that guy - excited for a flight and then missing it due to a positive test. But it's good they picked it up because he's completely asymptomatic.

It just shows that this virus is still well and truly with us and we all need to be extra cautious when travelling.

Top things to do in Split?

I'm in Split for at least a month (probably more like two!)

So if anyone's been here before, is there anything special you can recommend? Obviously, I can look on Google and see what comes up but I'd rather get recommendations from people who have actually been here.

Any secret little coffee shops or bars? Any unexpectedly awesome museums?

Let me know :)

Split, Croatia

Arrived in Split a couple of days ago! I already love it so much.

I'm in this apartment for the next month but might stay in the city for longer.

Anyone else in Split? Or does anyone know how I can get involved with the digital nomad community here?

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Croatia is the perfect place to escape to during Covid

Covid is still a massive problem in Europe and people question whether we should be travelling at all.

I was in Estonia which had become the worst place in Europe in terms of case rates.

So I decided to fly to Croatia via Amsterdam where cases are much lower. This required two negative tests (PCR and rapid antigen).

Croatia only needs one but transiting in Amsterdam requires two. I'm so glad I got them though because it gave me the confidence to travel.

Now I'm here, I'm enjoying all the extra vitamin D and an outdoor lifestyle.

Bars, coffee shops, and restaurants are all open but outside service only. For me, that feels close to normality while also feeling safe.

Croatia also has some of the best national parks so I'm staying in an apartment in the small town of Skradin right now, where you can easily access Krka National Park and waterfalls.

For now I'm taking it slow, enjoying nature, and biding my time until I can get to the UK and have my vaccine.
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How can we make solo travel safer for women?

I recently published an interview with blogger, Adventurous Kate, where she taught me so much about what it's like to be a woman travelling alone. (Read it here:

We didn't really discuss what it's like as a digital nomad, though, so do any female nomads have an opinion? Do you think we need to have more discussions about the safety of women travelling abroad long-term?

It got me thinking what kind of solutions we can put in place. I think it comes down to creating a community and culture where all people feel safe and welcome.

Being a digital nomad can be lonely and scary for anyone but that's why it's so important to make as many safe communities as possible.Β 
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Working from Bosnia and Herzegovina?

Hi guys!

I'm currently in Skradin, Croatia, having visited the Krka National Parks and waterfalls yesterday (which I highly recommend doing in March - nice weather but hardly any people!)

Due to this town lacking in buses, I've ended up staying three nights instead of the one I planned. Soon I'll be heading back to Zadar, though.

From there, I'll work my way down the coast to Split and then Dubrovnik.

I've realised that this involves going through Bosnia and Herzegovina. That's cool because it means visiting a brand new country.

However, I'm wondering if it's worth taking the time to spend a bit longer there, maybe even a few weeks?

Has anyone been as a digital nomad? What are the co-working spaces like? What's the vibe?

Any advice is hugely appreciated πŸ˜„
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Croatia! πŸ‡­πŸ‡· πŸ‡­πŸ‡· πŸ‡­πŸ‡·

Never been to Croatia before but was kind of forced into it by Brexit and Schengen rulesΒ πŸ˜…

I'm actually not supposed to be here yet but my flight from Tallinn was cancelled and Estonia was imminently going into lockdown. So I booked a new flight to leave ASAP.

I'm in Zagreb now but heading to Zadar on Saturday, before moving to Split two weeks later.

Is anyone in Croatia who wants to meet up? Or have you been before and have any recommendations? All suggestions welcome!
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Hi Everyone! I'm a British-born freelance writer :)


This community looks so cool - I love reading everyone's stories.

I'm Thom! Born in England, I started freelance writing in 2017, building up my remote income. I now travel full-time (Covid permitting) and have been staying in Tallinn, Estonia, for the last few months, writing content for different websites - including Anyplace.

I booked a flight to Split, Croatia, for March 31st but yesterday I found out it had been cancelled. So today was spent frantically looking for a new flight. I managed to book something new to Zagreb but it leaves on Monday, which is like three days away! Oh well, I'm not complaining - I'm excited for a new adventure in a country I've never been to before.

I'll probably be in Croatia for 2-3 months, if anyone else is around and wants to meet up?

Until then, feel free to follow my adventures on Instagram:

And please check out my website/blog/portfolio:

2020 was crazy for me. I started it in Ghana, with a work trip to Kenya planned for the second half of the year. Then Covid happened and I ended up locked down in my mum's house with no job (pretty depressing). By summer, however, I managed to rebuild my income and travelled the length of Europe by train, while sticking to all safety regulations.

I feel like 2021 is going to be a special year for digital nomads and travellers, and I'm excited to share these adventures with you guys.

What's your story? Let me know!

Here are just a few photos of me exploring the world:

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