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Robert O'Sullivan

Hello! I'm a roaming writer who enjoys hiking, yoga, and traveling.

Testing is essential, but is it reliable?

It's good that testing can be quicker, easier, and more affordable and it's also great that airlines are finding ways to digitize and streamline the process to make travel more manageable. But isn't there still some questions over the efficacy of the tests? I suppose we need to be careful to carefully check the t&c of travel insurance for the eventuality of testing positive without having the virus. Or taking multiple tests until you get the right result...?
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Best suitcase/backpack combo?

I've been alternating between suitcases and backpacks for years now and I'm hoping to find the perfect hybrid. I find that you need wheels for those long days of walking through airports, city centers, etc., with 25kg on your back, but you also need to be able to carry it comfortably when there's no flat surface. Can anyone recommend a good backpack with wheels?
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Anyone been to Albania?

I quite frequently develop these mini-obsessions about places that I have very little knowledge of or associations with. I might be trying to work when my mind drifts off and I'm wondering about some far-off place halfway round the world. I get particularly curious about those countries and cultures that I know absolutely nothing about. What would _____ be like? Hmmm...

Has anyone been to Albania? Can you share any advice? What's it like for coworking? It has a Mediterranean coast and lots of mountains, so I imagine it could be a really underrated place...
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Keep finding new places!

I've been in Bali over a year (on my third trip) and I'm still finding new places! This is FLOCK in Ubud, a spacious cafe/restaurant/bar with incredible lighting, an excellent menu, a garden... everything! I could happily spend a day in here getting things done in a comfortable space. Good deals on burgers/craft beer too! How did I not know about this place before...?
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Does anyone have a reliable central resource on travel restrictions?

I know there are things like and a similar one on the Skyscanner site, but I don't always feel that these are enough. Does anyone have any alternatives that cover all the continually updated information needed when you're traveling in the post-covid world? Thanks :-)
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Ubud, Bali

A lot of people prefer Canggu or Uluwatu as their favorite spots in Bali, but I head for Ubud every time! The town is a distance from the beach so it's not the best place for surfers, but it is a beautiful center of Balinese culture that is a mix of ricefields, jungle, and traditional activities. A great place for food, coworking, yoga, and much more!
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Greetings all from Ubud, Bali! I've been here since the first murmurings of a pandemic and I would have to say that if you had asked me about my preferred places to be stranded for months on end, Bali would be one of my first choices. Having said that, I am dying to get back on the road when it can next be vaguely possible. I love to get up to the mountains when I can (or volcanos as it is in Bali!) and discovering the particular things of cultural or geographical interest that make a place unique. For the moment, I'm just exploring on the domestic level, but let's all hope that traveling will get much easier in the near future :-)
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